The forefront of geometry and kinematics. Ride with confidence and conquer any challenge.

 The G1 is designed to be the go-to option for riders seeking a single bike capable of conquering any off-road challenge. At the heart of the G1’s design philosophy lies its adjustability, empowering riders to fine-tune every aspect of their ride experience. Whether smashing technical descents or powering through demanding climbs, the G1 can be tailored to suit individual riding styles, strengths, and the unique terrain encountered. 

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Here's how we like to do business Artisan bike craft and set-up service

We have the freedom to design bikes and to test those theories with no boundaries

If a slack head angle, low bottom bracket and long wheelbase is better, faster and safer, then why not keep going?

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Who we build with

We only use product that we would personally use ourselves, that's why we try each item before we start using them in our bikes