We are not bound by history

We have the freedom to design bikes to test those theories.

If a slack head angle, low bottom bracket and long wheelbase is better, faster and safer, then why not keep going?


The forefront of geometry and kinematics.

A completely new design for the frame which is now modular and can be mounted with 27.5 or 29 inch wheels or as Hybrid 29 front 27.5 rear. From £2,300


The G13 shows that the Geolution Geometry works on trail bikes

Whether you go for a multi-day alpine tour or only for a short, fast time at your local trail, the G13 makes both up and down quicker. From £2,300

Geometron G15

Designed for the enduro lifestyle

The G15 can perform exceptionally well whether the degrees of the mountain is set in the positives or negatives. From £2,300

Geometron G16

As lateral thinkers we often find ourselves on a different path

We found that the GeoMetron shape, balance and rider space can make both beginners and professionals alike faster. From £2,300

Who we build with

We only use product that we would personally use ourselves, that's why we try each item before we start using them in our bikes