Rado II

Rear Alignment Drop-Out

In order to reduce the stress on your frames material the Rado allows each frame to be aligned with a modular gear hanger.  The alignment procesure ensures your wheelpath, camber and toe is correctly aligned with your head tube. The hanger is marked with the indices -2, -1, 0, +1 & +2.  It is crucial that you order a replacement  with the same offset. (sometimes “0”offset hangers have no engraved idicator).

£30 inc VAT

  • To spot which offset your gear hanger is check the face of your mech hanger closest to your cassette.
  • To order submit a contact form below with your order including which offset ”  ” hanger you need as well as your billing/shipping information.


Seat Stay Mutator

Adjust your seat stay length

Switching between 27.5″ and 29″ rear wheel size is the primary use of the seat stay mutators. By adjusting the seat stay length when changing rear wheel size the geometry of the bike remains the same.

Another use for the seat stay mutator is to have incrimental adjusment in the geometry of the bike. Seat stay mutators are available in 8 incremental. The seat stay length will alter the BB height, head angle and seat angle.

Seat stay mutator lengths (mm)- 0, 3.5, 6.5, 10, 12, 15, 18.5 & 22.

Seat stay mutator set inc. Bolts- £27 inc VAT(18.5mm & 22mm sets inc. Bolts £30 inc VAT)

Check out the mutation chart below to find out what adjustments you can make next



Chain Stay Mutator

Adjust your chain stay length

Chain stay length is adjustable via the rearmost mutator, available in Four lengths- 445mm, 452mm, 459mm and 466mm. Indicated on the inside face is the length of the mutator, it will be either etched or engraved- 33, 41, 47 and 54. Use this number to reference your current mutator length or the length you wish to change to.

Full assembly incl. bolts and O-rings- 33 (445mm) £118, 41 (452mm) £128, 47 (459mm) £138, 54 (466mm) £250. Prices include VAT.

  • To order submit a contact form below with your billing/shipping information.


Frame Service tools

Pivot axle removal and Instalation tools

Nicolai frame tool to remove pivot pins from G1 / G16 / G15 / G13 / ION / HELIUS models MY2018 and younger

£37.50 inc VAT

  • To order submit a contact form below with your billing/shipping information.



Frame Service tools

Frame bearing press kit

Nicolai Bearing Tool (NBT) – Frame bearing press (G1 / G16 / G15 / G13 / ION / HELIUS)

£37.50 inc VAT

Frame Bearing service kits

GeoMetron G1 Full Frame Bearing Kit (Enduro bearigs)

Full Frame bearing kit for G1 , G16 (>2017), G15, G13.

Enduro MAX Full compliment bearings.

Main Pivot- 2x 7902 LLU MAX Angular contact bearing

Horst Link Pivot- 2x 6001 LLU MAX

Shock lever- 4x 6802 LLU MAX

£85 inc VAT

* For home servicing you will require the two tool sets above.

For a G16 frame <2017 you will require a different service kit including the Horst link Pivot bushing kit.

Horst link pivot- Bushing kit inc. hollow pivot axle, thrust washers and PETP Plain bearing.

Main pivot- 2x 7902 LLU MAX

Shock lever- 4x 6802 LLU MAX

£105 inc VAT

*For home servicing you will also require the tools below in addition to the tools above.

Frame Service tools

Pre <2017 Horst Link bushing replacement tools

This Kit is only reuired on frames <2017 with bushings at the horst link pivot.

Kit inludes 3 items- Bearing Pin – Drift tool for aluminium axle/ bushing style, Fitting drift for PETP bushings needle / bearings 19.8×36 and Mounting ring for PETP bushings pivot 23x34x13.

£55 inc VAT

  • To order submit a contact form below with your billing/shipping information.


Geometron G1 Bottle cage mounting bracket

Aluminium bracket with bolts


This aluminium bracket fits on all G1 frames, fixing into the two tabs beneath the shock lever pivot and the blind threaded hole in the downtube & seat tube gussett and allows fitment of the YT thirstmaster 2000 bottle cage and bottle (pictured)  or it has standard waterbottle cage mounting holes for a stanard cage or toolpacks that use the same fitment standards.

£25 inc VAT

GeoMetron G1 Frame Pouch

Beer Babe recycled inner tube frame pouch

Handmade from re-cycled inner tube by Beer Babe. A G1 Frame pouch to carry essentials, snacks or a hydration bladder. Fits neatly below the shock link on all G1 frame sizes. Zip openning on the non drive side.

£30 inc VAT

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