GeoMetron’s geometry is very different to most manufacturers! Whilst the others are catching up, we are still a few degrees ahead on head angle and seat angle and quite a bit longer!

We understand that most people will never have tried anything like it and will need to ride the bike to understand the differences and why we have built the bikes like this. If you are wanting to come along and take a look at the bike sizes in the flesh or just sit on a bike and chat about options, give a bell and we can accommodate you here at the workshop.

For a full test ride at any of the local trails or trail centres from Forest of Dean to Bike Park Wales we’ll just need a day or so notice and we can be there waiting with a bike or bikes of the right size ready to set up!

For anyone with even an inkling of an idea to try or buy a GeoMetron we’d recommend a full test ride… A modern bicycle has so many adjustment possibilities from seat and bar position and angles to suspension stiffness and damping adjustments that you can even make a great bike feel uncomfortable or inefficient or confidence sapping! We are here as suspension, geometry and kinematics experts to set up the bike for you and your riding style so that you get the best experience from the bike (and maybe learn something in the process! ;-)… This can take anything from 5 minutes to 2 hours but we can guarantee to make you a happy GeoMetron rider! Not only that, but of course we end up with a customer set-up prescription logged in the notebook which means the bike can be delivered or collected exactly as you liked it with advice about pushing settings this way or that for big days in the saddle or uplift days in the Alps!

Call us on 01600 887550 or email and we’ll accommodate you when we can.


We aim to reply to all enquiries within 2 working days