The Nicolai way and why we work with them:

Nicolai Bicycles is a German company renowned for crafting high-quality bikes by hand with over 25 years of experience in bicycle manufacturing. Their commitment to precision engineering, aesthetics, and performance sets them apart in ride quality and reliability. All NICOLAI frames are handmade. Every single one is unique and customized, the customer can choose the frame size and the colour of every single frame part.

Here are the Nicolai bike models we can currently offer to you: All models from their Bio/non-electric bike range.

The Argon series. This range covers almost all options in the Hardtail/Gravel categories, including gearbox & belt drive options throughout.

The Saturn series. Within this model range you will find the full suspension bikes with specific applications that have been honed for applications including  XC and marathon sports, epic mountain tours to hooning down home trails after work. The Saturn travel range covers 100mm  to 160mm RWT, also with a choice between gearbox drive and conventional drive.

The Nucleon range. From the beginning of Nicolai the Nucleon range has integrated their latest innovative solutions in suspension design and also drivetrains. The latest Nucleon 16 design has incorporated the LAL supre drive drivetrain around a High pivot frame layout which provides a truly unique ride characteristic and suspension feel.

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Remember, Nicolai bikes are more than just machines; they’re an embodiment of passion, innovation, and craftsmanship.

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