Frame service pricing

Model Year 2016 onwards frame bearing service  = £160

(£80 cost of Enduro bearings and Nicolai pivot pins

£80 Labour 2 hours )



Model Years Pre 2016 frame service cost £185

(£103 cost of Enduro bearings, Nicolai pivot pins and Horst Link bushings

£80 Labour 2 hours )


Formula Fork Service costs:

Lower leg service from £60


Strip down, clean, inspection, re-size bushes and refresh bushing / stanchion interfaceSKF wiper / oil seals, foam rings, extra love lube rebuild with Slick Honey and Formula oils. 

Add £40 for bushing replacement.



Full fork service from £120


Includes air / coil spring overhaul & damper oil change & rebleed, as well as SKF wiper / oil seals, foam rings, bushing resizing and anything else it might need.

Add £40 for bushing replacement


EXT Shock Service Costs:

£70- Lower end rebuild- revalve and rebleed


£100 – partial strip down, inspection and replacement of dynamic sliding seals.


£140 – Full strip down, inspection, full seal replacement and rebleed. (£40 for full seal kit)

Geometron Service Bundle:

£360 – Full frame, fork and shock service.


Additional costs could be £40 bushing replacement, £40 EXT full service seal kit,  £20 spherical bearings in the shock.