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27.5" / 29" / Hybrid

The forefront of geometry and kinematics.

Our Enduro Bike named G1, Finally finished! Following one year of design work and much testing and optimisation . It’s a completely new design for the frame which is now modular and can be mounted with 27.5 or 29 inch wheels or as Hybrid 29 front 27.5 rear. The adjustment is done via the headset and different bolt-in elements which we call mutators. The tubes made of high-strength 7020 aluminium underline the spartan, purist look. The thicker down tube paired with a lower top tube provides an aggressive look and more rider space and standover. Today we have achieved more safety, traction and speed in all situations thanks to the GEOMETRON angles. With the new, bespoke EXT Storia V3 damper the suspension reaches a new dimension. All in all, the bike has an unrivalled and incomparably good riding performance.

EXT Storia Lok V3

Specifically designed for the G1

We worked closely with EXT on a custom shock for the new G1 because we wanted to build a shock absorber that performs at its best in all conditions and at all times. Normal shock bushings can work really well in the showroom but we know that these types of bushings have been ditched in favour of spherical bearings in all other performance suspension applications bar none! But a bicycle has some other pretty specific requirements too. It needs a very progressive damping and spring system, which reflects the fact that the bicycle itself has virtually no sprung mass and that the rider being mobile can act like a sprung mass on each end of the bike, independently and completely un-load independently. Progressive in reality means very soft initial touch and building to create support and resistance as you push harder. To achieve this the new V3 Storia already has a hydraulic bottom out system but for the G1, EXT also incorporated a hydraulic top out system and a negative spring too.

We are not focussed on weight or price. We are only focussed on performance!

We drew up a ‘dream’ shock absorber for the GeoMetron project, pushing ideas back and forth and ending up with a completely bespoke shock absorber that truly enhances the handling capabilities of a bicycle that already handles better than the rest. Spherical eyelet bearings, internal negative spring and hydraulic top out and bottom out stops! With carefully thought out leverage ratios and damping rates we can accommodate riders of all weights without compromise. A medium sized rider (85kgs) on a medium G1 will be using a 375-425 spring depending on configuration and a XXL rider of 125kgs will be between 550 and 600lbs.

Lower. Slacker. Faster.

It's a Geometron for a reason

The GEOMETRON geometry hasn’t changed a lot over the past 5 years. That includes the head angle, the BB height, the reach and the linkage characteristics like the outline anti squat values, the wheel path and the linkage ratio – basically the vital dimensions that define the behaviour of the bike. The top tube is lower than before, thanks to the availability of 213mm dropper posts. The chain stay length was always closely connected to the front centre length in our GEOMETRON geometry. That means that the longer the front centre (FC), the longer the chain stay length (CS) needs to be in order to keep a similar FC/CS ratio and similar front/rear weight bias throughout the different frame sizes. New for the 2020 model is that the seat angle changes with the frame size. So the horizontal seated position with an extended seatpost is around the same for a rider on a Long bike or on an Xtra-Longest bike. Both riders now have the same starting point to tackle technical climbs without lifting the front wheel.

Modular Design. Adjustability is key!

If a DH bike had decent kinematics, a good gear range and a steeper seat angle, it would pedal just fine. If a trail bike had decent geometry and was strong enough it would also handle DH just fine! One bike can do it all… The seated pedalling behaviour is dictated by the relationship between cranks, saddle, rear axle and anti-squat. The handling of a bike is separately dictated by the relationship between wheels, position and head angle and their relationship with the BB and handlebar. It is possible to do both without compromise!

For all <2024 Geometron G1 tech sheets, geometry charts and mutation charts follow the link bellow

Further Information / Possible Set-Up Options for 27.5" + 29" + Hybrid


Two springs provided with each frame.

The design goal for the G1 was to have two different travel options with almost the same feel. The G1 is only offered with the custom EXT Storia V3 rear shock simply because we feel it’s the best shock available and the G1’s kinematics were designed to specifically work with this shock. The leverage ratios start lower allowing us to utilise a wide range of spring rates.  A lower leverage ratio put’s less stress on the frame, it is easier on the frame bearings and the shock, as a result it’s easier to control certain parts of the stroke and this feels more consistent for the rider.



SHOCK SPEC : 230x65mm
BB HEIGHT : -32mm

Extra Love Kits

Choose the colour on the shock linkage, bearing pre-load caps and cable guides.

We offer “Extra Love Kits” in a variety of anodised colours. Black is always popular but we can supply seven alternative colours. Due to the anodising process and material properties there might be slight color differences between the components. (Green is very inconsistent) Choose the colour of the shock linkage, bearing pre-load caps and gable guides. Choose from Black / Silver / Orange / Red / Blue / Green / Purple / Titan – Grey.

Sizing Guide

There is no right or wrong size for you, pick the size that feels the most comfortable and confidence inspiring for your riding style.

A few years back we used Long / Longer / Longest / Extra Longest to describe the sizing of our models (our Small sized frames had the same reach measurement as most manufacturers XL sized frames) but the mainstream manufacturers are slowly evolving, growing their bikes millimetre by millimetre and degree by degree one model year at a time (remember when every company was using Longer, Lower and Slacker in their marketing campaigns)   The G1 geometry is not based around gender but rather a selection of sizing from Small to XXL that is ideal for almost any sized person, the G1 is very configurable, we can adjust for a huge variety of trail styles, riding styles, rider injuries and bike setup preferences. If you don’t “fit” into this category then we offer bespoke TAILOR MADE frames that are customer specific, you have free reign over all dimensions. When looking for a starting point to pick a size we recommend using the “Reach” measurement as it dictates how the bike actually fits you. It governs if a bike is too cramped or too stretched out for you. It’s a good indicator of how roomy the bike will feel when you are in your attack position standing on the pedals riding down the trail! So what G1 frame size should you ride?   Sizing is always a difficult choice as there are so many variables and factors to account for (always difficult without seeing you on a bike) We would strongly urge you to visit our HQ and try out our demo bikes! We understand this is not always an option for our overseas customers so here’s an easy-to-digest table with ‘rider height’ in one column and ‘frame size’ in the other….   But before looking at the table please ask yourself these questions when determining frame size:   1, Do you have a good range of movement? i.e. no injuries that hinder / restrict body movement? 2, What’s your cycling background, did you grow up on BMX and 4x or make the transition from road cycling? 3, What style of trail are you riding? Steep or undulating, fast and open or tight and technical, natural or bike park. 4, Are you a wheels on the ground rider or do you send it? 5, Are you “active” on the bike picking out the flow lines or do you tend to straight-line trails? 6, How do you like your bike to feel? Stable or agile?

(S) SMALL 164-172cm
(M) MEDIUM 170-180cm
(L) LARGE 178-190cm
(XL) X-LARGE 188-200cm
(XXL) XX LARGE 198-205cm

All of these factors come into play when determining frame size, sizing up is almost always faster against the stop watch BUT it does demand a more committed riding style more of the time. Our concern is that this could become a handful on longer days in the saddle when you become fatigued and posture / bike position becomes sloppy! Please feel free to call or email us if you want talk through options or get a second opinion.

Size Specific Geometry

We believe that there are some basic, ‘size dependent’ measurements and the chain-stay is certainly one of these!

Having different chainstay lengths for different frame sizes makes a lot of sense, since only increasing the length of a bike’s front center for different sizes can affect the balance of the bike. 445mm length chainstays may feel great on size small bike with a 470mm reach, but they may not be as ideal on an extra-large bike with a 515mm reach. Chainstay length increases inline with frame size on the G1. Not happy with what we recommend? No problem… Chain stay length is adjustable on each size frame via the rearmost mutator, available in differing lengths.

Seat Stay Mutator

One frame, numerous combinations to best suit you.

To allow simple wide range adjustment of seat stay length to accommodate all of the geometry options necessary for wheel sizes, travel options and individual rider adjustments. The mutators are available in lengths of 3.5, 6.5, 10, 12, 15, 18.5 and 22mm.

Chain Stay Mutator

Adjustability is key.

Chain stay length is adjustable via the rearmost mutator, available in differing lengths (33mm, 41mm and 47mm). No need to worry about creaks or servicing issues as the inner and outer chain stay mutator shells are positively connected via a wedge-shaped rectangular structure within the rocker. Twisting is prevented via thoughtful design. The mutators aren’t a one trick pony, they also function as the bearing axis – we spec readily available and cheap 6001 2RS bearings.

G1 Shock Lever

The right setting for every trail.

A completely new linkage lever /rocker was devolved for the G1 that allows a 230x65mm shock to be mounted for 162mm or 175mm rear wheel travel options. (the upper hole is used for 162mm RWT option and the lower hole provides 175mm of RWT). The adjustment is made via a separate key – made robust, simple to adjust and easily replaceable if somehow damaged.



We exclusively use 7020-T6 alloy (AlZn4,5Mg1) for our frames. Compared to our competitors, who mostly use aluminium 6061-T6, the tensile strength of 7020 compared to 6061 aluminium is about one third higher. The elasticity is about one fifth higher. These properties, coupled with high quality welding, result in a bicycle frame that is far superior to the average in terms of durability. In comparison to carbon, aluminium is much more robust and tough, so that bottom contact, falls or stone impacts cannot harm the structure.


Our evenly flat scaled welds are produced by a very slow welding speed.

The wide, flat shape of the seam ensures optimum force dissipation in the area of the weld. Welded in several passes by TIG (tungsten inert gas) in order to minimize distortion. Very large loads, such as those caused by jumping or braking, are absorbed by so-called “casting sets”, which are additionally welded onto the frame. For you as a customer, this creates a long-lasting product that can offer many years of fun even under the toughest conditions in racing.



The rear triangle of a full suspension bike is not a statically rigid component and is exposed to extreme loads during riding. We spec full complement, double-sealed ball bearings as they have a higher load rating than standard ball bearings, as a higher number of balls are used in these bearings – in summary, they are more robust. These are then further protected by two additional O-ring seals located on the pre-load caps. Thus, the bearings are optimally protected against moisture and dirt.



The right side dropout (gear hanger) allows us to reduce the rectification work on the frame which also means less stress on the material. The hanger is marked with the indices -1 -2 0 +1 +2 for different toe and camber adjustments.

Paint the mountains

Custom paint jobs available

We can offer the ability to get a custom paint job on your GeoMetron. If you have a colour combination in mind, get in touch.

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