Chris Porter

Written by Sam Robson - 12th February 2019

Rides: G1L (Longest G1 – Hybrid)

I’ve been spending a bit of time lately trying to get to grips with why I never liked 29 wheels and trying to find a way to make those big hoops handle for me as comfortably as I ride hybrid or 27.5! 😉

So… My set-up currently is all about making a 29er to suit me 😉 I like turns, I like speed, i don’t like to have to pedal to create momentum but when I do pedal I want it to count!

I’ve found that I can’t use a semi-slick on a 29er on steep trails I can’t get the rear to slow enough to let go of the front in places… So I’m on a grippier rest tyre than I’ve ever run on the rear! But I’ve found that because of the lager contact patch and the central rider placement I can actually get away with the speed over the ground of a grippy rear tyre on the 29…

I’m all about narrow rims ‘cos they roll quicker!

I’ve been running the L bike with the 452 chain stay length but with no seat stay mutators to give me a ridiculously low bb height of around 320-325. I’ve been running a choice of either Formula Selva R fork or a F*x 36 with our MORC crowns on there.

I run a low bar rolled forward to encourage me to stay flat over the bike with elbows up.

My saddle is rotated forward ‘cos the old back and hips are not what they used to be! I need a hand keeping the hip rotation good so I use a saddle with good support and have the nose down…