Sam Robson

Written by Admin - 13th February 2019


G1M (G1-Medium), what a dude. He’s changed his outfit more times than Keira Knightly. I like to test all the available options on our G1. I’ve ridden 470mm chain stay to 445mm, 340mm BB to 320mm, 27.5″, 29″ and Daibryd (worshop slang for Hybrid). One of the most poignant features ive tested, re-tested and just bolted back on it the spherical bearing Storia V3 vs the standard eyelet V2. I really enjoy riding the V3 G1 shock, not that the V2 is bad, i can just find so much more mid turn grip and not experience harsh bottom outs on the V3 G1. This can be attributed to the spherical bearings and the HBC. Recently I’ve kept my testing qualitative over quantitative because our test tracks have a number of uncontrollable input factors during this time of year which usually result in the same negative result. Therefore my main goal between the bike and me is the positive output at the bottom of the trail.

I always find myself back on 29″ wheels, 330mm BB and 445 CS.  Some things do remain consistent, my components. Hope Tech 3 E4 brakes, 185mm drop BikeYoke post, 203mm rotor up front and a 183mm out back and above all other components I must have my Hope F20 Flats and a Dfender on there.